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The act of colouring has been engaging kids for generations, even before its amazing health benefits were widely known. Doctors and psychologists have known about the benefits of colouring for close to two hundred years and colour therapy has been used for thousands of years, in various cultures, to improve health and general well-being.  Our CREATIVE […]

CREATIVE SONG – Singing Sessions

Creative Song is a singing session for all who love to have fun with their voice and for those that want to explore a great new form of self-expression. The sessions are built around three types of formats: ~) Fun and easy call-response songs, composed by the CREATION HIGH team and performed in a live-interactive […]


Our MOMMY & ME Knitting classes provide a creative and fun environment for children and parents to knit alongside each other. The act of knitting produces an array of amazing physical, cognitive and emotional health benefits and we think it’s a perfect pastime for families to share. The techniques featured in this class include finger […]

MOMMY & ME – Singing Sessions

MOMMY & ME GROUP SINGING LESSIONS Unlike Singing lessons, where the focus is on technique, ‘Mommy & Me’ Singing sessions are about parents and children experiencing the simple pleasure of singing together. Many adults, even those who don’t feel comfortable singing in public, will sing to their babies, but they don’t often continue the practice beyond infancy. In […]

C.A.N. MOMMY & ME Sessions

In our ‘Mommy & Me’ C.A.N. (Colour~Art~Nature) classes, parents and children can come together to relax and enjoy Colour Therapy VIdeo~Art projections of flowers, trees and water. After the video portion, participants are guided through an interactive session that allows parents and children to share how the colours featured make them feel. Parents gain insight into their children’s reactions […]

C.A.N. Colour~Art~Nature Sessions

With the growing popularity of digital entertainment, our computers, mobile devices and cell phone screens have begun to pull focus from our outdoor recreational time.  As a result, N.D.D. (Nature Deficit Disorder) is becoming more widespread. C.A.N. (Colour And Nature) Sessions create a bridge between the digital and natural worlds, bringing the power of nature directly onto […]

CREATE YOUR VOICE – Singing Lessons

At CREATION HIGH we believe that no one should be excluded from the joy of singing. In many cultures singing is something everyone shares, without fear of being judged.  Our approach will not only improve the tonal qualities and musical instincts of professional and amateur singers, it can help people of all ages, with no […]


S.C.S. (Signature Colour Story) Analysis is a revolutionary new model, developed by colour therapist Karen Zila Hayes. It is designed to help people of all ages gain insight into their personal relationship with colour. Through a series of games and exercises, Karen helps students uncover their S.C.S. She then uses it as a diagnostic tool to help […]

CREATIVITY NOW!!! – Creative Empowerment Class

CREATIVITY NOW! LEVEL 1 is a joyful exploration of the creative spirit. This 4-week introductory class examines the art of creative thinking. We’ll touch on different outlets including singing, writing, visual art and free-form movement as catalysts to unleashing the creative consciousness. Students will also receive coaching in specific areas of interest and for their own creative […]


As far as creative outlets go, knitting is an amazing one. In addition to producing fabulous and unique pieces for your wardrobe, there are also some incredible physical, mental and emotional benefits to be gained. Knitting regulates blood pressure, and improves our powers of concentration while creating a state of enhanced relaxation. We offer private, […]