The act of colouring has been engaging kids for generations, even before its amazing health benefits were widely known. Doctors and psychologists have known about the benefits of colouring for close to two hundred years and colour therapy has been used for thousands of years, in various cultures, to improve health and general well-being. 

Our CREATIVE COLOURING class takes this craft to the next level by using colour therapy tools and techniques to help students maximize the benefits of colouring, a practice we call Conscious Colouring.

Designed by Karen Zila Hayes, colour therapist and author of The Shaded Tree colouring book, the class teaches the foundations of ‘colour harmonics’. This technique allows students to build balanced combinations akin to musical chords in which the colour groupings create powerful visual ‘harmonies’. These groupings can be designed to produce an array of emotional states based on what each student requires in the moment. 

In addition to igniting creativity, this class helps kids develop fine motor skills, train their brains to focus, calm themselves, centre their minds, reduce anxiety and hyperactivity, regulate moods and promote relaxation at any time throughout their day.

Coloured pencils, colouring templates and/or books are provided. Kids will also learn fun and easy methods of creating their own colouring templates. CLICK HERE to inquire about bringing our CREATIVE COLOURING programs to your school, summer school or camp.


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