S.C.S. (Signature Colour Story) Analysis is a revolutionary new model, developed by colour therapist Karen Zila Hayes. It is designed to help people of all ages gain insight into their personal relationship with colour.

Through a series of games and exercises, Karen helps students uncover their S.C.S. She then uses it as a diagnostic tool to help her prescribe the right colours to correct imbalances and support optimal health.

S.C.S. also enables families to connect with each other in a whole new way. Parents can use their child’s S.C.S. to help them better understand his/her inner workings and to spark new areas of communication within the family unit. Our reactions to colour are instinctive and create both emotional and physiological responses. As a result, when children are encouraged to speak about their S.C.S., it can help them develop emotional intelligence, body awareness and communication skills. 

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