S.C.S. (Signature Colour Story) Analysis is a revolutionary new model developed by colour therapist, Karen Zila Hayes. It is designed to help people of all ages gain insight into their personal relationship with colour.

Through a series of games and exercises, this program helps students uncover their ‘S.C.S.’, a profile unique to every individual. This profile can then be used in several ways:

1) it can be used as a diagnostic tool to help prescribe the right colour combinations needed to correct imbalances and support overall health.

2) S.C.S. can enable families to connect with each other in a whole new way. Parents can use their child’s S.C.S. to help them better understand his/her inner workings and to spark new areas of communication within the family unit. Our reactions to colour are instinctive and create both emotional and physiological responses. As a result, when children are encouraged to speak about their S.C.S., it can help them develop emotional intelligence, body awareness and communication skills.

3) Students can learn to use their S.C.S. as a valuable tool that can help regulate moods, calm anxiety, relieve stress, boost energy levels, and foster creative thinking. S.C.S. can also help students  devise effective studying and learning methods.

S.C.S. Can be a particularly powerful tool for people with autism, ADD/ADHD and other learning differences.

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