The benefits of music have been proven to stretch well beyond the pleasure of listening to it. Research shows that students who study music also have higher grade point averages. The top three U.S. schools all place a strong emphasis on music and the arts, and the top three academic countries in the world place great importance on music education and participation.

Certain types of music have been proven to allow the mind to concentrate more easily. Music education has also been shown to improve listening skills, maximize learning and aid in the retention of information. CREATION HIGH’s MUSICAL ARTS programs approach music from key areas including singing, songwriting and rhythmic exploration.


Singing engages both sides of the brain, enabling one to be more capable of processing information. We believe that no one should be excluded from the joy of singing. In this program, students are taught how to sing both on their own and in groups as they learn about the basics of melody and harmony.

Our unique teaching methods also enable us to tailor strategies to each student’s experience level while working within a group context. Our CHOIR classes are judgment-free zones that allow students to feel validated and comfortable getting to know the power of their own voices.  

In addition to raising self-awareness and self-esteem, our methods will improve a student’s tonal qualities, musical instincts and performance abilities. For those students who want to sing but struggle with pitch issues and/or tone-deafness, we also offer special techniques to tackle these issues. 


The amazing technology that exists today makes it easy to record our own songs with little more than a computer or smartphone. Songwriting is a wonderful form of self-expression because it takes something we are all intimately familiar with, namely language, and helps us find new ways of using it.

In addition to teaching the foundations of musical and melodic structure, our classes offer techniques to help remove the unconscious filters used during normal conversation.  Once these filters are removed, students can develop a new relationship with language  and create wonderful free-form wordplay that evolves into lyrics.


Rhythm is an important aspect of music which actually helps organize physical movements in the body. Incorporating rhythm and music into learning strategies can help children conquer physical tasks that they are struggling with. Studies have also shown that listening to the same music (or different music of the same tempo) during learning and testing has been shown to improve recall and test results.

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