Knitting is a super-craft with an incredible array of physical, cognitive and emotional benefits. It is one of the only activities that activates both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously and equally. International research studies from the U.S. and Denmark have shown that allowing children to knit during class can actually improve memory retention, resulting in better grades. Knitting is also known to help those with hyperactivity, ADD/ADHD and autism.

Knitting relaxes us while enhancing concentration, calms us while keeping us thoroughly engaged, and raises our endorphins and alpha brainwaves. Alphas (the deep meditation waves) produce a host of positive responses, and knitting is known to create – in many – an even higher alpha wave output than yoga or meditation. In addition to this pleasure-inducing shift in alpha waves and endorphins, our students love knitting because of the creative gratification that comes from taking their projects from conception to completion.

At CREATION HIGH we are trail-blazers in the area of Knitting Posture. Our unique approach is designed to prevent the repetitive strain injuries that are all too common in the knitting world. Proper posture not only prevents injury, it allows our bodies and minds to reap the full array of beneficial effects as we knit.

Students of all ages find amazing satisfaction and joy in the act of knitting. As our classes show, the possibilities for creative expression through knitting are limitless. We teach multi-age classes or single grade classes, and tailor each course to the specific needs of the institution. CLICK HERE to inquire about bringing our knitting program to your school, summer school or camp.