The CREATIVE SENSES program provides a comprehensive look at sensory learning. In it, all five senses are explored in terms of each one’s ability to enhance learning, build memory and concentration skills, regulate moods and improve overall well-being. This program can be used in two ways:

1) When taken before any of our other classes, it serves as an introduction to sensory learning.

2) When taken after our other classes, it can be used as a platform to next-level learning as students are taught to explore how the senses work in tandem.

SIGHT: The Sight Module explores Conscious Colouring and Colour Therapy techniques. 

SOUND: The Sound Module explores Singing, Songwriting and Rhythmic Exploration.

TOUCH: The Touch Module explores Knitting as a learning tool and therapeutic modality.

SMELL & TASTE: This Module explores how these two senses can be used to trigger memory and build mindfulness.