“The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.”
    ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

“A few years ago I lived through two of the most difficult months of my life; being at the bedside of my spouse in ICU. During this time Karen showed me how to use knitting in a ‘therapeutic’ way. While knitting, I could feel it soothing my turmoil. Not only did it distract me from all the worrying, I actually enjoyed it. Knitting eased the anxiety of that difficult period, helped lower my blood  pressure and helped me rest. I’m a huge proponent of Karen’s teaching techniques.”

Paul P.Therapeutic Knitting Student

“I am addicted to knitting and I have CREATION HIGH to thank. Both my physical and emotional wellness have improved since starting these amazing courses. I had unsuccessful knee surgery two years ago and required daily pain management and medication. Now I don’t need either; I just knit instead.”

Gordene M.Therautic Knittng Student