Creation High is proud to present Canada’s first C.A.N. Therapy program for seniors.

Research now shows that contact with nature has significant therapeutic and transformative effects, but often it’s simply not possible for the elderly to spend significant amounts of time outdoors.

In addition to lessening depression and improving one’s overall mood, one of the most valuable aspects of time spent in nature is that it’s arguably the purest form of colour therapy.

Colour therapy has been used for thousands of years to enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being. Creation High’s C.A.N. Therapy classes help people re-engage with the restorative powers of colour and nature.

The class is led by Colour Therapist and Photo-Artist Karen Zila Hayes. Colour-nature videos are projected, accompanied by a guided meditation. This is followed by a discussion group in which participants are encouraged to share what the colours and photo-art have evoked, as well as past memories about their experiences with nature, i.e. gardening, camping, nature walks, etc. Participants leave the sessions feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.