Our programs for seniors represent some of the most rewarding work we do. It’s an honour to help this community engage their minds and nourish their creative drive. Our innovative Therapeutic Knitting and C.A.N. Therapy Programs are the only ones of their kind in Canada. Click on the headings below for more information.

“A few years ago I lived through two of the most difficult months of my life; being at the bedside of my spouse in ICU. During this time Karen showed me how to use knitting in a ‘therapeutic’ way. While knitting, I could feel it soothing my turmoil. Not only did it distract me from all the worrying, I actually enjoyed it. Knitting eased the anxiety of that difficult period, helped lower my blood  pressure and helped me rest. I’m a huge proponent of Karen’s teaching techniques.”

Paul P.Therapeutic Knitting Student

“I am addicted to knitting and I have CREATION HIGH to thank. Both my physical and emotional wellness have improved since starting these amazing courses. I had unsuccessful knee surgery two years ago and required daily pain management and medication. Now I don’t need either; I just knit instead.”

Gordene M.