CREATIVE WELLNESS – Sensory Meditation Sessions

Sensory Meditation is a restorative wellness practice that calms the mind, re-fuels the body, and nourishes our entire sensory system.

This program was developed by Wellness Specialist Zila Hayes, the creator of S.A.M. (Sensory Alignment Method). It combines the power of mindfulness with the power of colour therapy, nature therapy and cycle dynamics, all of which have been proven to enhance our overall heath and quality of life.

Research shows that contact with nature has significant therapeutic and transformative effects. In addition to lessening depression and improving our overall mood, one of the most valuable aspects of time spent in nature is that it’s arguably the purest form of colour therapy.

Colour Therapy has been used for thousands of years to enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Cycle dynamics is a Sensory Alignment technique which teaches how to use the mind to visually simulate the flow of vital energy through various systems of the body.

Each week a specific colour grouping is highlighted and examined from a colour therapy standpoint.  As the practice of Sensory Meditation deepens, students develop the ability to communicate with their own bodies through the language of colour.

Along with guided visualizations, stunning, original nature-art images and videos provide the visual landscape for each sessions meditative journey.

To view some examples, CLICK HERE.